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Syrian cameraman and filmmaker who worked in Syria during the most difficult times and documented six years of the conflict. He was described a the ‘symbol of the revolution’ when a photo of him rescuing a child became viral. He has worked with several international channels such as the BBC and CNN as a cameraman and field producer. After living in the siege of Aleppo and being persecuted by Islamists in Idlib, he fled to the UK in 2017. Habak lives in London where he is building a career as a documentary filmmaker.

Janay Boulos

Lebanese British producer who has worked for the past 10 years for BBC News. She began her career as a documentary filmmaker before moving to production.  She worked across news, TV to digital documentaries and is now a digital impact producer for BBC News Arabic investigations, and an independent feature documentary producer and impact producer. She trained with Doha Film Institute’s Producer’s Lab, Beirut DC and the Documentary Campus Masterschool. 

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